Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy by M.D. Moore Released:

A stunning debut novel, Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is now available nationwide

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SEATTLE, Wash. – Black Rose Writing announces the release of Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy by M.D. Moore. Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is now available where fine books are sold.

An extraordinary debut novel, Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy introduces protagonist Harmon Burke. The son of a schizophrenic mother, Harmon is haunted by three decades of his mother’s “un-cool” craziness and the mistakes of his own past. Caught somewhere between his past and present, Harmon is trying to navigate and survive the detritus of his life—a life littered with personal failures, strained relationships and life-threatening health issues.

When Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy opens, Harmon’s mother Cece is on her way back to the psychiatric hospital after another psychotic episode—an episode that nearly lands Harmon in jail for his third and final strike before lifelong incarceration. Landing an unusual lucky break, Harmon cashes in a literal “get out of jail free card” with one caveat: in order to avoid serving jail time, he promises to seek help for his issues.

Harmon starts to see Boyd Freud, an eccentric ex-convict and unorthodox counselor with a wry sense of humor, and a penchant for strong coffee and unusual theories. Somehow, the no-nonsense and rough-around-the-edges Boyd manages to convince Harmon to confront the trials that have dogged his past and present. But everything changes when Harmon’s high school sweetheart Emmy shows up on his doorstep. Pleading for help escaping her abusive husband Frank, Harmon’s childhood nemesis and lifelong adversary, Emmy reopens a chapter in Harmon’s life he thought long closed. But Frank—a cruel and vindictive bully intent on righting a past wrong—will prove a dangerous and complicating force for Harmon and his family.

With Boyd’s help, Harmon begins to make sense of the past and heal. But in order to help Emmy, find peace with his mentally-deteriorating mother and discover redemption from his past and current failures, Harmon will have to return to the trials of his youth to find answers and discover truths long buried. Along the way, Harmon will realize that making sense of the past might lead him to see the possibility of a future he’d given up on long ago.

A compelling story about healing, redemption and the power of love, Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is exceedingly real. Resplendent with multi-dimensional characters that spring to life within the novel’s pages, Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is, at its heart, a story about finding courage in the face of fear, and casting off the shackles of the past. M.D. Moore, a sharp, skilled storyteller, delivers an unforgettable debut that captures how the lines blur between black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, and past and present. With its sensitive and compassionate treatment of mental illness, and characters who will remain with readers even after the final page is turned, Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next book from this extraordinary new voice in the world of fiction.

A native of Tacoma, Washington, M.D. Moore worked as a therapist in Washington State’s most acute psychiatric hospital. A member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, M.D. Moore lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with his wife and sons. Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is his debut novel. Visit M.D. Moore online at: www.mdmooreauthor.com

Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is published in trade paper (ISBN: 978-1-61296-470-6, $17.95) and eBook ($6.99) editions. Founded in 2006, Black Rose Writing is an independent book publisher headquartered in Texas. For more information about Black Rose Writing, visit: www.blackrosewriting.com